Purpose Five is one of the proud winners of The Discovery Foundation’s Technology Education Programs Award for our Women Leaders in BC Tech BLAST Program.

In 2017 we launched our BLAST program, standing for “Business Leadership, Acceleration Strategies, and Technology”. This initiative, created in partnership with the Discovery Foundation, sought to provide women across BC more opportunities in tech and to accelerate the leadership development and advancement of women in tech careers.

#BLAST2017  was the year we pushed the following initiatives (click the links to see more!):

> conducted more than 100 interviews that provided insights about the issues surrounding women in tech from various C-level female leaders;

> held a film screening of “She Started It” at VIATEC’s “Experience Tectoria”;

> facilitated a mentor speed dating event in Vancouver;

> and held 3 webinars on Virtual Reality.

What Came From 2017?

#BLAST2018 will be the year Purpose Five and Discovery Foundation aim to do even more!

We will be continuing our market research, producing a 'Women Leaders in BC Tech' promotion video, hosting in-person technical workshops and online webinars, as well as introducing senior-level peer roundtable discussion as a means to encourage networking among woman leaders.

We will also be launching our Women Leaders in BC Tech website, through which we will bring more visibility and awareness about the diverse roles women in tech fulfill and feature the stories of successful women in leadership roles at a variety of tech companies and organizations. Nominate a Woman Leader in BC Tech to be featured on our Women Leaders in BC Tech website.

Purpose Five is honoured to be the recipient of this award, and we are especially grateful for the commitment that Discovery Foundation has made to support Women in Tech. 

About Discovery Foundation

The Discovery Foundation is committed to the development and sustainability of the science and technology sector in BC. Its principal activity is the delivery of the Technology Education Program via agents that provide education and guidance to entrepreneurs in BC. The foundation also provides funds for research and scholarship.

>>> Read their full article HERE to see the winners of the 2018 Technology Education Programs Competition.

What's Coming Up in 2018?

Are YOU, or someone you know,
a Woman Leader In BC Tech?

We want to hear from you! Please take 5 minutes to fill out our Questionnaire.


We believe that awesome shifts happen when women get together to collaborate, share expertise, and learn from one another.

We have the opportunity to revolutionize the tech industry and create an inclusive future we can all thrive in.

Please join the conversation.

Our intention is to accelerate Women Leaders in Tech to achieve their greatest potential.

One of us may not have the silver bullet, but together we can create something pretty powerful to move the dial for women leaders.


Let's be real - we know that some days it can feel insurmountable when your company's not growing per plan, or you're not able to raise the financing to take your company to the next level.

Based upon the Lean Startup Methodology, we're doing Discovery Interviews to learn what your top priority issues are and what you think would best solve them.

So what are we doing about it?

We know there are challenges, we know there are gaps.

Your voice as a female leader in a BC tech company is critical in creating a future that we can all thrive in.

Your voice matters - don't miss this opportunity to tell us

what would really make the difference.

Fill out our 5-minute survey!

This is a unique opportunity to help advance the careers and knowledge of women leaders in tech as a whole by providing your personal perspectives and insights.

We're talking to 150+ Women Leaders in

BC Tech - and we want to talk to you!

We want input from your leadership experience in BC Tech.


We don't have time to send spam emails, however we WILL keep you updated on the Women Leaders in Tech "BLAST" initiative as it unfolds!

We welcome women and men to join us in supporting 

Women Leaders of BC's Technology Companies. 

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Online Technical Workshop: A Look Into VR

Every week day from 1:00-2:00pm PST

Lee and Jordan Brighton are VR extraordinaires, having built their own VR gaming studio called Virtro Entertainment and developed their first VR game called Run Dorothy Run, which is available now through Sony.

Their knowledge of this exciting technology ranges from the technical side to the business end, so join us to watch Lee do a technical workshop of Unity software, and then discuss why VR is important in the 21st Century, including the facts surrounding the media's interest in VR and AR. The hour will cap off with a Q&A from you!

You can learn more about the Brightons and their endeavours at their website


Lee Brighton - Chief Strategy Officer, Virtro Entertainment

The Virtual Reality game "Run Dorothy Run" created by Virtro Entertainment was featured in our Online Technical Workshop: A Look Into VR


LOCATION: EYEXPO Technology Corporation 

(2400-1055 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC)

In collaboration with:


Speed Dating for

Women in Tech

Venue sponsored by:



6:30-8:30 PM WEDNESDAY - SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2017

FORT TECTORIA @ 777 Fort St., Victoria, BC


Tickets were $10 advance / $15 at door (refreshments included) 

Complimentary tickets for VIATEC members and iWIST members. Live stream tickets available for you to participate remotely!

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Discovery Foundation presents:

"Business hacking"

where breakthrough results are the norm.

select women leaders from across BC.


      curated experts in leadership, wellness, business growth & financial strategy.


      day Mastermind Intensive weekend retreat designed to empower and propel you and your business to accomplish a 4-month goal in 2 days because of the accelerated format and expertise in the room.

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Women Leaders in BC Tech

We don't have time to send spam emails, however we WILL keep you updated on the Women Leaders in Tech "BLAST" initiative as it unfolds!